Hello! It’s Amy once again and today I’ve made a sweet birthday card to share with you. The inspiration for my card today was sparked by the two larger ducks in the Pig Out set. I thought that they would be cute together as Mama and Papa hanging out at the water’s edge. I started to see the scene in my head and realized that they couldn’t be alone, they needed some adorable little ducklings to join them. This was just the excuse I needed to start pulling more stamp sets to mix and match into a complete scene. I always have so much fun going through my stash of stamps and finding new pairings for the various critters and characters.

I found the perfect brood of ducklings in the Puddle Play, Elephant Friends and Singing in the Rain stamp sets and I stamped them first before masking them all off. Next, I stamped Mama and Papa and masked them before finally stamping the Pathway Background over top. I did omit inking up the very bottom of the Pathway Background because I knew I wanted the space to color in water rather than the grass and plants that are on the stamp itself.

Once I had my background stamped I removed the masks from all of the cute ducks and began coloring in the scene using Copic markers. As this winter drags on I am longing for spring and that desire for warmer days and green growing things showed up in this card. The hillside of sunlit grass and lush foliage surrounding the base of the tree definitely transport us to happier days. With the empty space at the bottom of the card I added the sand bank and water that our little family are about to jump into. For inspiration on the duck’s patterning I simply Googled photos of various ducks and did my best to mimic what I found. I always say that Google can be a colorists best friend, LOL! To finish off the card I stamped the birthday sentiment from the Silly Birds set and framed the scene using the Gallery Frame #3 die. This may not be a traditional looking birthday card but having your special day celebrated by such darling duckies can’t be a bad thing.  😉

Stay crafty my friends!  🙂