Hello! Amy here and I’m back on the Hello Bluebird blog with a delightful scene that I stamped up using the Page Turner set from the recent release. I’ve always loved to read so the cute little girls in this set really stole my heart as soon as I laid eyes on them. It was hard to choose which book lover would get inked up first but ultimately this curly haired cutie won out because of her adorable dog friend.

Not only are the characters in the Page Turner set fantastic, but all of the furniture pieces and scene building accessories make me super excited too. By now it is no secret that I love stamping together scenes so having more options to mix and match with other sets for fun indoor settings has my head spinning with possibilities. I began building this particular reading nook scenario by stamping the girl with her dog and the sleeping kitty first. I masked them off and then stamped the floor lamp and potted plant that is sitting on the floor. The end table was a bit trickier because I knew that I wanted to stack the books and the two smaller plants on top of it. To get that to look right you actually have to stamp the top most item first and work your way down. Because you can’t stamp the tabletop first, there is a bit of guess work when laying down the items that will rest on top of it. I find it helpful to lay down the actual stamps on the card to help gauge the placement of that first image then slide them away once I have it in place. As you can see with the plant resting on the books, I ended up stamping it a bit lower than I would have liked but ultimately it is such a small piece of the over all scene that I don’t sweat it when a stamp isn’t perfectly positioned. In the end our cute little book worm is the star of the show and all of the focus will be on her.

Next it was time to color and I had a lot of fun really playing up the look of curls in her hair. Because I chose to give her dark black hair I was free to go outside the artist drawn lines and add stray curls and wispy fringe all around her head. The style of the end table felt very mid-century modern to me which ultimately led to the lightness of the over-all color scheme throughout the room. I wanted it to look like they are all resting in front of a big bank of windows with soft light filtering in through the panes and I think I accomplished that. All in all, I’m very happy with how this card came together and now I can’t wait to stamp up the cutie lounging in the chair.  🙂

Stay crafty my friends!