Today’s an exciting day! The July release will be live in the Hello Bluebird shop TODAY at 7 pm MST!

Without further ado here are the lucky winners for our preview giveaway:


Day 1 – Astrid

“I love the scene dies so much 😍 cannot wait to buy them (all… 🙊)”


Day 2 – Renate’ Winter

“ohhhhhh noooooooo!!!! There’s MORE!!!!!!!! LOL! What am I going to do? I need to sell off some stuff so I can buy it ALL! Maybe I can rent my boyfriend out?? He’s a great cook! Any takers? : ) Hello Bluebird…I’m in trouble with your release…sigh…”


Congratulations to the winners! Your gift certificate will be delivered by email later today and in time to shop the new release   A big thank you to all who commented! We loved reading your comments and are thrilled about your excitement for this new release!